gemma says:
 hello tyla, this blog is totally just for you; nobody else will ever see it.
firstly: i'm going to start typing in italics.i hope this works! i just looked at the mood; i firstly looked for nippy: not there.
cakes: not there.

i'm not feeling cakes, i just thought maybe it'd've been pretty cool, had it been the case.
i'm really tired now, but i haven't spoken to you all day, so i'll stay here until we both decide to leave. i wish i could be serious on this, incase you ever look back at it in the future, when we're married and have kids or something. i can feel my eyes getting heavier, owww. ok, my mood is touched, lmao! seriously just closed my eyes, to have a sleep.


you're gonna feel so let down by this blog,
; i don't know how to use it, to convey my love for you;trying, i just sound the typical, emo fag; you know like sarah? sam just said to me 'you're knackered aren't you?' that's right sam, i am.

ok this is crap and i have decided i am really bad at it; my little picture improved it loads though.

ok, gonna go now 

i love you so much baby :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

p.s italics never works
p.s.s i am VERY tired.

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eyes getting heavier and falling asleep mid-chat, still the same in 2013 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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